Featured Employees

  • Lalit MohanSenior Architect "With Veridic since Dec 2010"

    The company is very relaxed but still maintains a professional atmosphere. I enjoy working here for the professionalism in the environment. We are not treated as a number, but as part of the company.
  • Sanjeev BhardwajProject Manager "With Veridic since Apr 2013"

    I joined Veridic Technologies Pvt Ltd approx. 4 years back and really had a good experience and exposure in every field whether it is technical or in terms of leadership.
  • Pradeep SinghProject Manager "With Veridic since Sep 2013"

    I started with the company in late 2013 as a Senior Developer. I had an obsession for writing better and efficient code. I got my chance with things like complex integrations, solving next to impossible business problems in code and exposure to latest frameworks and technologies.
  • Debi Prasad MishraTeam Leader "With Veridic since Sep 2013"

    Veridic - A company on the upswing. An employee experiences a lot of growth, cool new projects, interesting work, tons of opportunities to grab along with a grand vision . Here you will be working hard and will be rewarded for all the efforts you put in. The culture of the company is great and everyone I worked with is just amazing!!
  • Kallem Sreekanth ReddyTeam Leader "With Veridic since Sep 2013"

    I have been working with Veridic Technologies since September,2013 as a Team Lead. Friendly work environment and the positive growth within the company has made me enjoy my stay so far. Stability and sustainable growth along with opportunities to learn and grow as an employee as well as an individual keep me boosted to perform better with each passing day.
  • Mayank KapoorGeneral Manager "With Veridic since Nov 2013"

    I have been associated with this company since 2013 and have the pleasure of witnessing it's meteoric rise. Life at Veridic is a perfect blend of work and fun. Employee welfare and engagement is at the core of its values.
  • Rahul SinghSenior Software Developer "With Veridic since Dec 2013"

    Veridic Technologies is one of the best places to work for in tricity region. I have been associated with this company for a long time now and can say that despite being a mid sized company, its working environment is at par, if not better, with any MNC. Apart from good working policies and great work life balance, Veridic also focusses on training and development of its employees.
  • Chandra Prakash AgaramSenior Project Manager "With Veridic since Jan 2014"

    Veridic Technologies Pvt Ltd understands the business. Strong leadership, operational focus, and business acumen allows Veridic Technologies Pvt Ltd to remain agile and grow with the business in dynamic global economy.Veridic team works diligently and adds value by developing a deeper understanding of the buyback products and making recommendations to improve product quality; Veridic Technologies Pvt Ltd has ability to drive continuous improvement and deliver best-in-class service to the clients like Apple and Vodafone.
  • Deepak DhawanCreative Head "With Veridic since Feb 2014"

    It’s been over 3 years since I joined Veridic Technologies Pvt Ltd, and not a day goes by in making me realize how well balanced my professional and personal life is. There’s complete freedom in expressing your talents and skills at every front. These are important ingredients to long-term work satisfaction and a happy working environment. Veridic Technologies Pvt Ltd provides a strong, stable opportunity for growth and learning. Management is very approachable and is always willing to lend an ear to your problems, at both professional and personal front. The management team is very good in making sure that the suggestions and opinions of employees are included in the company planning process.
  • Vipin SutharDelivery Manager "With Veridic since Sep 2014"

    I have found my tenure both enjoyable & rewarding. Veridic Technologies Pvt Ltd offers an extremely friendly and collaborative environment. It is a family-friendly organization that cares about their employees.
  • Sandeep GhoshProject Leader "With Veridic since Jan 2014"

    I have been associated with Veridic for more than 3 years and have noticed a lot of benefits for working with this company. To begin with, there is a proper work life balance and this organisation does not support long sitting hours. Employees are given work which can be managed within the working hours so that they are able to devote ample time to their family and friends. There is a lot of transparency in the processes here. There is a lot of respect amongst the employees regardless of their official designations. The ideas and feedback is welcomed whole heartedly. This is a reason that employees on board are not afraid of sharing their ideas with the team or the management. Lastly, any hard work done is duly recognised and rewarded in Veridic Family.
  • Ajay ChaudharyProject Leader "With Veridic since Jan 2014"

    It's been more than 3 years since I joined Veridic. It's been a big learning curve in my career. Veridic has given me good exposure both in terms of technical and leadership aspects. I joined in as a Software Developer and now been promoted to Project Lead after serving the designation of Senior Software Developer and Team Lead. One of the very good things about this company is that if you do your work sincerely and dedicatedly you will be rewarded in terms of your role, appraisal etc. Top management is understanding and conducts surveys every now and then where employees can give their feedback, suggestions etc. It’s a great company in this small IT region and my overall experience has been pleasant.
  • Navneet Singh BamrahSenior Software Developer "With Veridic since Jan 2014"

    This is a great place for people who aim to work on latest technologies. The next thing that motivates me to be productive in tasks assigned to me is the work culture here. Employees are empowered to work as per their convenience to deliver the tasks assigned. This cultivates healthy and competitive spirit to bring out the best in an individual. Not just the work and working atmosphere, we as a team, have a lot of fun by participating in extracurricular activities as well. Just another reason to be proud of - I won the TT tournament organized sometime back in the company :)
  • Sainath PolawarTeam Leader "With Veridic since Feb 2014"

    Veridic technologies is an excellent company to work for. I started working here some years ago and since then the company has been growing rapidly while ensuring a very friendly culture is retained. Veridic has a team of young and dynamic individuals which add to the healthy environment in the organisation. The company values are ideal and they want their employees to be committed and happy in the long run.
  • Ram SinghTeam Leader "With Veridic since Feb 2014"

    Veridic is an amazing place to work. The team environment is very friendly and the company has a great work-life balance. Management here genuinely cares about the advancement and growth of its employees. Excellent team of supportive and encouraging seniors along with a lot more benefits have motivated me to work for this company for so long. I love to work with Veridic Family!!
  • Ankur ChauhanTeam Leader "With Veridic since Feb 2014"

    Manageable work load, flexible working hours, no restrictions or interruptions while working on your tasks, salary on time and an ultra friendly environment – all these factors add up in describing work culture in Veridic Technologies. Strong support from your seniors to experiment with new methods of doing task add up to the confidence level of the employees working here. Apart from work, fun activities within the office and quarterly parties make this team worth working for!!
  • Pratap Chandra RayalaBuild and Release Engineer "With Veridic since Mar 2014"

    Veridic Technologies is one of the fastest growing company in the area. It renders an excellent work culture, provides good platform and also has good reputation in the IT Industry. All the employees work together as a family here. The management also provides complete support on professional front to the individual to expose his/her talent for a better tomorrow of the company and himself/herself. One of the most important aspects of Veridic is that the company very well understands the employee’s importance and reliability towards their work. There is no sense of discrimination among the employees at this workplace. Every quarter management recognizes and rewards the employees for their valuable contribution to the organization. Everyone here believes in this company!!!
  • Manu SharmaTeam Leader "With Veridic since Apr 2014"

    The best part of working with Veridic is the association with a great team. I started working in 2014 and since then I have been working with them as a family. We believe in teamwork here and do not pressurize each other for work. Instead, we work together to complete any task assigned to us. This has further helped me in maintaining a proper work life balance. Apart from just work, we have activities to gel with the team. With support from management, good work environment and a great team, I have enjoyed my association with the Veridic Family.
  • Suneet KumarServer Administrator "With Veridic since Apr 2014"

    I joined this company back in 2014 and since then have seen myself growing with each passing day. Veridic has not only helped me in gaining skills or becoming a good learner but has boosted my morale to take on new challenges and tasks confidently. The management here is very approachable and has been a support at every step. Flexibility in work hours and the environment of working with a great team has made me more optimistic about myself as well as the company. Last 3 years have passed very smoothly and I am ready for many more to come!!
  • Kalit SikkaProject Manager "With Veridic since Jun 2015"

    I am working here as Project Manager and I find this company as great platform to exhibit my skills and talent. I have been given the complete freedom to implement latest tools and project management methodologies.