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future-of-text-optVeridic Technologies Pvt Ltd :- It’s interesting to see how user experience design advances now that we managed to understand what it means. I think artificial intelligence will become a huge part of user experience over time and that we will spend more time on developing clever integrations to third parties than developing our own “dumb” interfaces. That’s why I find it interesting to see research on how services can use unified interfaces like text messaging apps to become more intelligent. Enjoy your weekend!

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  • Why reinvent everything and ship your own application when you could use a messaging app as input and output of your API instead? For example, a schedule for the next bus could be delivered to the user via a text, WhatsApp or Telegram message. The “Futures of text” article shares approaches that could be built way better as a text message service than as a standalone app. I can imagine services like a simple daily broadcast about avalanche risks that I receive via Telegram on my phone or information about the current traffic situation to be great examples where a simple text message reply could be way more useful than an app.
  • Robin Rendle wrote a lengthy but worth to read essay about “The New Web Typography”. A fine, well-written wrap-up of what we can use now, what we should consider when doing so, and what matters when you need to choose a new typeface for a project.
  • The way we approach designing with data has changed over time and is still evolving. Given the amount of designs I’ve seen using dummy data that perfectly fit its environment, it’s very important that designers start to test their designs with meaningful and random data. A good way could be the disco mode in the Pattern Lab demo, the new InVision Craft tool or the Fluid Plugin for Sketch.

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