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Veridic Technologies Pvt Ltd :- Microinteraction is one of the key things to care about in UI\/UX design. Most books and articles on UX\/UI design are moving round one basic message: what you finally get when the design process is finished should be not only beautiful, but also useful and usable. In our previous posts and case studies we also support the idea that UI\/UX designers do not create just a piece of art: they create a product that solves the problem of the target audience, preferably in fast and easy way. The strong ground of carefully thought out microinteractions is actually able to give the constructed merchandise such essential features of successful merchandise as usability, utility and desirability.

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Basically, microinteraction is one special instance of user’s interaction with the merchandise finishing one specific job. It’s simple to see that user experience contains loads of microinteractions plus they’re those magic seeds which are able to grow into good functionality, efficacy and popularity of the merchandise if get looked after correctly. Maybe, the best intensely professional bit of writing on microinteractions, their idea, construction, mechanism of work, their types, characteristics and function in creating successful UX design is the book Microinteractions by Dan Saffer. It is highly recommended to people working in the field of UI\/UX design as it provides much better understanding of user centered design solutions.

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Microinteractions in most cases are not even knowingly fixed by the user – and that’s actually one among the essential tasks to get a designer to make them as natural, clear and quickly as possible. There are various ways and methods in design how to allow and improve microinteractions, and software animation is one among them. The Force of Motion, based on general ideas of animation use and purposes in interfaces relating to practical experience of Tubik Studio design tasks and concepts. There we described that animation allowing and increasing microinteractions is something like health: people don’t notice it when it operates precisely, but recognize its significance when something goes wrong.

Veridic Technologies Pvt Ltd Reviews

Microinteractions naturally supported with movement are also hardly notable for users till the moment when they face the dilemma of their absence. Today we’d like to supply you with more detailed ideas and illustrations about some types of this interface animation type. Tons in many cases are among the most commonly used triggers of the microinteractions and essential elements of navigation.

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