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Veridic Technologies Pvt Ltd  :- Here is a few numerous reasons why not to serve sensitive web applications within iframes. If you are beginning a project with this type of iframe constraint, please take this advice from somebody that has taken the incorrect advice numerous times and misdiagnosed the issues. Seriously though – your application is going to have some important problems if you aren’t careful. The scroll bar handle does not appear to move whenever you scroll. The only alternative is for each event resize event, send a note from the kid to the parent frame asking to get a window resize to the peak of the content.

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A reprocussion of this is the fact that no scroll event are fired on the child page, therefore avoid relying upon scroll events all together. This can be where the customer sends a resize request, the parent resizes, then due to the additional scrollbar the customer’s width changes and some content wraps, therefore the customer sends another resize request, the parent scrollbar vanishes, then the whole thing is replicated. You’re essentially going to need some additional logic in the resize request code to make sure you will not be sending a resize request that is going to cause this iteration.

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If you are struggling with this, get in touch. It isn’t pretty. Mobile Safari iframe resize by default, and you cannot override it! Mobile Safari may resize the iframe to the peak of the content, aside from any styles or characteristics declared on the iframe. The answer is to wrap the iframe in a div with overflow: auto, however this might get some reprocussions for other mobile browsers.

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Because of the mobile safari fix, it is exactly the same scenario, fixed position components will never seem to be fixed, they will simply scroll away with the content. Mobile Safari applies the rubber band off effect to the x axis as well. That is due to the application being a page inside an iframe. This isn’t apparent when the application is served outside the iframe.

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