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Veridic Technologies Pvt Ltd :- With the rising costs of R&D and development necessary to create products that really do offer something exclusive and different, just one expensive, ineffective branding or marketing campaign can mean death. There’s a way for businesses to stack the deck in their favour have a quite strong corporate brand. Strong corporate branding may authorize any product that company puts out with instant reputation and value that differentiates it in ways that simply cannot be reproduced with a product focused advertising campaign. Just like a family tries to create and protect a good reputation, every conscientious company should create and protect a favourable corporate brand.

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The tools for doing this are the same as those utilized in product branding, however the work transcends the corporate hierarchy into the boardroom where issues like relations with shareholders, media, competitors, government and several others become part of the strategy. Unsurprisingly, an efficient corporate branding strategy requires significant efforts from the Chief executive officer and senior management. Be advised that corporate branding and corporate identity are two different things. Corporate identity is just the glossy marketing fade. A strong corporate branding program ensures a consistent brand image and experience through an organization. Successful corporate branding involves the creation of long-term prospects for the company, carving out pronounced niches in the market and boosting the reach and recognition of the company and its leaders on a global scale.

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Some companies with outstanding corporate brands include Microsoft, Intel, Singapore Airlines, Disney, CNN, Samsung and Mercedes Benz. Whenever your company has a brand, as these mergers and acquisitions are also smoother as was the case with financial powerhouses HSBC and Citibank’s vast number of acquisitions in latest years.

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Finally, the brand equities of the banks both of these behemoths took over were completely absorbed by HSBC and Citibank. This kind of brand strength takes a very long time to build and a lot of research and monitoring to see through to maturity, but it is not as hard as it sounds. Today, branding research tools are very sophisticated, but very easy to use. A strong corporate brand not only gives character and value to a company’s products. Effective corporate branding may also empower and direct the further development of an already large brand portfolio.

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