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Veridic Technologies Pvt Ltd :- The best way to create a chat bot with Node.js. In the previous few months, chat bots are becoming quite popular, thanks to Facebook, Telegram and Slack Messenger. However the chat bot notion isn’t new whatsoever. A chat bot software is described in the popular Turing test in 1950. Subsequently there was an early example of simple natural language processing, a simulation of the Rogerian psychotherapist and Eliza in 1966. After that came a simulation of a man with paranoid schizophrenia, Parry in 1972. In 1983, there is a book named The Policeman’s Beard Is Half Assembled, that has been created an artificial intelligence computer program that generated arbitrary English language prose, by Racter, after released as a chat bot.

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Among the very most well-known was Alice. It won the Loebner Prize three times, although it was not competent to pass the Turing test. In 2006 and 2005, two Jabberwacky bot characters won the same prize. And in the year 2014, Slackbot made chat bots popular again. In 2015, Facebook Messenger after which Telegram released chat bot support, subsequently, in 2016 Skype did the same, and some other firms and Apple declared even more chat bot platforms.

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What Does One Should Know To Create A Chat Bot? Link. The answer to that largely is dependent on what you would like to assemble, obviously. Generally, you can assemble a chat bot without understanding much about artificial intelligence, either by preventing it entirely or by using some existing libraries for fundamental AI. Exactly the same is true for natural language processing; it is more significant than AI, but you can develop a chat bot utilizing a NLP library or, for many platforms, by just using UI components and buttons as opposed to word processing.

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And eventually, you do not even need to know programming? There really are lots of bot builders that are visual, so likely not. However it could not be useless. The Best Way To Create A Facebook Messenger Bot Link. This really is an article about constructing chat bots, thus let us eventually dive deep into it. Let us construct an easy Facebook Messenger bot. We’ll use Node.js, but you can develop a chat bot with a programming language that enables you to generate a web API.

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Why Node.js? As it is ideal for chat bots: it is possible to assemble a straightforward API instantly with hapi.js, Express, etc.; it supports real time communications for Slack RTM bots, and it is easy to learn. Facebook already has a sample chat bot written in Node.js, accessible on GitHub. Should you check the code, you will see that it’s three webhooks and that it uses the Express framework. You will also we see that it sends replies with Node.js Request module. Seems easy? .

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