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Veridic Technologies Pvt Ltd :-Wizard of Oz prototyping is a usability process in which a user interacts with a non working interface model being controlled by a wizard sitting in a back room. The wizard detects and responds on the user’s activities and models the system’s results to the user’s activities. Wizard of Oz prototyping is generally conducted whenever you don’t have a working model or where the findings from the Wizard of Oz prototyping test are basis for designing the system itself. And on the flip side, digital prototyping is the technically sophisticated model of Wizard of Oz prototyping, where a lot of the reactions from the user’s behaviour are executed by the image itself.

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Meaning: you already have a digital prototype which – to the user – seems to work like the finished website\/interface, but instead just delivering screen content without any logic in the back end. Wizard of Oz prototyping needs to be applied whenever you need to learn particular user behaviour to develop the apparatus you’re examining itself. Here is an example: whenever you would like to develop a voice control module for an application, you need the syntax individuals use to interact with the apparatus. Faced with that issue, you can barely develop a working model to discover how folks use your program.

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When faced just with cursor interactions in an interface, you may apply digital prototyping to get the desired findings. Develop a clickable wireframe that models the interaction procedures – but without any logic in the background. Where Wizard of Oz prototyping and digital prototyping are linked is, whenever you find problems where all test users stumble in your digital image, you can immediately alter the model to meet user behaviour and improve usability on the fly. Having a non working interface model, the wizard needs to see what the user does, since he’s to respond on user behaviour and produce proper output signal.

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Consequently the wizard will normally watch video feeds pointing to the test users control and display. Now finding an activity, the wizard is now able to model the results of the observed interactions. To improve the reality of the test scenario, the test users are most often unaware that they were socializing with a Mechanical Turk. This, naturally, needs a quick reaction and lots of knowledge about the system on side of the wizard.

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