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Veridic Technologies Pvt Ltd:- Most individuals who own an internet site have never thought about the code and programming that makes it work. Whenever you use an internet site you see the designed layout and use the interface, but behind the scenes there’s a whole lot of code that makes it run. There are various different programming languages that may make an internet site work and nearly all of them communicate with one another to create an internet site that functions well and looks good. Different web site design companies favor different programming languages. There are very different coding and programming languages used for the front end of the web site, than the rear end.

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Just about every web site has been designed utilizing these front end programming languages. The front end code determines the structure, design, layout and navigation of the website. This code would typically refer to images placed in a folder and place them to make the web site look like is all fits together. The back end programming languages are very different to their front end counterparts, but usually they need to work together to make the design and function come together as one. The main back end languages used are PHP, ASP, JSP, ColdFusion . These languages are utilized for what’s called a dynamic website.

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Dynamic web sites are typically connected to a database that stores info for the web site and may be updated utilizing a CMS. It can store all the text, the images, statistics, members and anything else. Some web site designers choose to use the content management system and specialise in re designing and customising the software. Other web site designers choose to build their own content management systems using their preferred web programming language.

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These custom built systems can be specifically tailored to the web sites features where as their pre-built counterparts usually have certain guidelines to stick to. There are various factors that contribute to an internet site working and functioning well.

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