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Veridic Technologies Pvt Ltd :- ASP. NET is utilized to create webpages and web technology and is a necessary part of Microsoft’s. NET framework, ASP. NET is an extremely valuable tool for developers and builders as it permits them to construct dynamic, rich sites and web applications utilizing collected languages like VB and C. ASP. NET isn’t limited to script languages, it enables you to make use of. It allows programmers to construct very compelling applications by using Visual Studio, the improvement tool supplied by Microsoft. It is constructed on a typical language run time which will be utilized on any Windows server to host strong ASP.

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NET sites and technologies. In the past of the Web i.e. Before the release of Internet Information Services in 1997, the contents of webpages were mostly static. These webpages needed to be continuously, and manually, modified. There is an urgent need to create sites which were dynamic and would upgrade automatically. Microsoft’s Active Server Pages was brought to the marketplace to meet this need. ASP performed on the server side, with its output signal sent to the user’s browser, thus enabling the server to generate dynamic webpages based on the activities of the user. These server side technology are significant contributions to the creation of the Web.

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Amazon. com, eBay. com, and several other popular sites use ASP. NET as the platform for their website, without ASP. NET it’d not be possible. ASP. NET dramatically reduces the quantity of code needed to construct big applications. With integrated Windows certification and per program configuration, your applications are safe and guaranteed. It provides better functionality by profiting from early binding, simply-in time collection, native optimization, and caching solutions right out from the box. The ASP. INTERNET framework is accompanied by a wealthy toolbox and designer in the Visual Studio integrated creation environment. WYSIWYG editing, drag and drop server controls, and automatic deployment are simply some of the features this strong tool provides.

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Provides simplicity as ASP. NET makes it simple to execute typical tasks, from simple form distribution and customer certification to implementation and website configuration. The origin code and HTML are together consequently ASP. NET pages are simple to maintain and write. This gives a lot of power and flexibility to the webpages. All of the processes are carefully monitored and managed by the ASP. NET run time, in order that if process is dead, a brand new process may be created in its place, that helps maintain your application continuously available to handle requests. (Image Source : )

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