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Veridic technologies pvt ltd :- Our technology hasn’t evolved to the stage where AI is a reality, however we may have the next best thing: Automation. Automation applications are an ideal way to make your smartphone sovereign. Perhaps a few of you’ve have learned about  IFTTT, well, Android automation applications are somewhat similar. Basically, an automation application enable you to make your smartphone even smarter. Numerous comparable applications have seemed that allow users to setup their apparatus so they are able to perform these activities on their very own. Android automation applications allow the user to choose specific triggers from the activities that their mobile phones do and assign them another one.

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A good example of such a trigger\/response is when your phone automatically detects when that you leave the house and turns off the Wifi and engages 3G connection rather. This along with other activities may be carried out with the help of automation applications. Android automation applications read the phone state and determine whether it meets the necessary features for an activity to start. The most apparent advantage will be the very fact that it frees the user from doing these jobs, however there is another side benefit: by executing some activities, the user may prolong his smartphone battery life.

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If you set activities to turn the illumination of the show down and quit shaking alarms when the battery is low, you may get some extra juice from your own smartphone. If you set your automation application to disable all the features that you do not need during the night, or at work, it’ll also give a few additional hours of battery. Many of those applications enable the user to create custom profiles where that they could set various actions for their smartphones. Android automation applications really are developed to customize your Android smartphone, that they provide a host of functions, and what the best one is just a matter of what the user needs it to be.

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If you would like your Android automation application in order to block calls from specific numbers, or set the telephone to quiet during the night, then the one which has that option is just best for you. There are a variety of Google Android automation applications specialised in a certain area. The bottom line is the best application is the one who you feel comfortable with and it provides all the features you need. IOS users aren’t so lucky, as automation applications are almost none existent for the unit. Tasker is among the most know automation applications on the Play Store.

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