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Veridic Technologies Pvt Ltd :- Why learn Structured Query Language? One Simple reason: it has become the hottest data manipulation language. Database Administrators and Application Programmers use it daily for storing and recovering information. Anybody with access to databases or reporting tools will look for knowledge of SQL important. Also, working knowledge of SQL appears good on a cv. In this tutorial, you will not only read about SQL, you will really write and perform SQL queries on one’s own computer. SQL Server is one among today’s leading RDBMS. The free Express Edition offers enough functionality to get anyone started with SQL. It is arguably the best starting point.

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To start, type the following text into an internet search engine! SQL Server Express 2008 Download to download SQL Server Express Edition to your computer. A wide range of screens will close and open till the SQL Installation Centre shows. Click New setup and follow the screens that appear. For the purposes of this tutorial, utilize your regular login info along with Windows Authentication. Sadly, the installation process involves waiting. You are now quite close to writing actual SQL. Find and open the plan named SQL Server Management Studio in the Microsoft SQL Server folder of your start menu software.

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Management Studio offers an environment for writing SQL statements. Use the name you keyed in For Example name during installation and ensure that the Authentication box says Windows Authentication. Then click Connect. You need to load information to write SQL. Since many people do not have data lying around, you are probably wondering where to get some. Luckily, Microsoft has made an example repository, called Adventure Works readily offered by the following website! msftdbprod  samples. Find the suitable sample repository bundle and click to download a setup file. Once you’ve downloaded an executable file, locate the file and double click it to install the sample database.

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At the top left corner, look for a button called New question and click it. This opens a brand new window for writing SQL. Next, find a drop down box only beneath the New query button and choose Adventure Works. This selects the repository called Adventure Works and any SQL you write is applied to this database. Now click in the big blank space that opened up whenever you clicked New query. We’ll Lastly write some SQL and see some information. Right below your question you must see columns of information appear. The SQL statement you entered asked the repository to return everything from the Sales. You’ve now formally typed SQL in your very own database environment.

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MVC Framework (Model View Controller)

Veridic Technologies Pvt Ltd :- The spring web MVC framework supplies model view control architecture and prepared parts that could be used to develop versatile and loosely coupled web applications. The MVC pattern leads to distinguishing the different facets of the application, while supplying a lose coupling between those components.

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The Controller accounts for processing user requests and constructing suitable model and pass it to the view for rendering. The Spring Web model view control construction was created around a Dispatcher Servlet that manages all the HTTP requests and reactions. Xml file will be kept Web Content WEB INF directory of your web application.

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Next, tag indicates what URLs will be handled by the which Dispatcher Servlet. Xml file will be used to make the legumes defined, overriding the definitions of any legumes defined with the same name inside the global range.

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You will defined needed business logic in the service method. It is possible to call another method within this method as per condition. Based on the company logic defined, you’ll create a model within this technique. You can setter distinct model characteristics and these attributes will be obtained by the perspective to present the final result.

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Use in web applications

Although originally developed for desktop computing, model–view–controller has been widely adopted as an architecture for World Wide Web applications in major programming languages. Several commercial and noncommercial web frameworks have been created that enforce the pattern. These software frameworks vary in their interpretations, mainly in the way that the MVC responsibilities are divided between the client and server.

Early web MVC frameworks took a thin client approach that placed almost the entire model, view and controller logic on the server. This is still reflected in popular frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Django, ASP.NET MVC. In this approach, the client sends either hyperlink requests or form input to the controller and then receives a complete and updated web page (or other document) from the view; the model exists entirely on the server. As client technologies have matured, frameworks such as AngularJS, EmberJS, JavaScriptMVC and Backbone have been created that allow the MVC components to execute partly on the client. (Source)

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CSS Layout for Websites

Veridic Technologies Pvt Ltd :-Even though CSS layouts have been around for many years, they have not become so commonplace until recently. This was apparently due to restricted browser support – to day however, CSS 2.0 is suitable with over 99% of browsers out there. It’ll make you money.

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Webpages using CSS for layout are likely to have a lot smaller file sizes than these using tabular layouts. It isn’t unusual to see decreases of fifty% or more in quality when changing from CSS to tables. Smaller file dimensions certainly mean decreased bandwidth expenses, which for high traffic sites frequently means huge savings.

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The primary reason behind this remarkable reduction in quality is that demonstration info is placed in the exterior CSS doc, called up once when the home page loads up and after that cached on to the user’s computer.

Table layouts and on the other hand, place all demonstration info inside each HTML, which is then called up and downloaded for every page on the web site. The code is cleaner and for that reason more accessible to search engines. Important content may be placed on top of the HTML document. A higher internet search engine ranking implies more website visitors, which, provided your site is usable, should lead to a rise in enquiries or sales.

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A faster download speed may make you money? Well, yes. Slow down load speed is often mentioned as one of the greatest usability complaints for sites. Browsers go through tables twice before exhibiting their contents, once to work out their theoretical model and once to discover their content.

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Tables appear on the display all in one go – no part of the dining table will appear till the whole table is downloaded and rendered. Tables motivate the utilization of spacer pictures to help with positioning. All code to do with the lay out may be placed into an exterior CSS document, that can be called up only once and after that cached on the user pc, dining table lay out, stored in each HTML doc, should be loaded up each time a brand new page downloads.

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Raster and Vector Graphics

Veridic Technologies Pvt Ltd :- Even at a time when the internet was just beginning, and once each document designed in Microsoft Word was covered in ugly generic cartoon pictures, there were freely available images called Clip Art. The idea behind Clip Art was to provide images which might be used freely in documents, without worrying about copyright.

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This concept was something invented by Microsoft, and now’s slightly dated. In the year 2009, the internet is now awash with free legal media licensed under what’s called a creative commons license. Creative commons is a license that allows original artists to share their work, be it a song, an image, a video, and have others using it under the conditions provided.

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That is a good thing because it allows you know where you stand in regards to copyright, which if you’re a designer is an excellent thing. You do not want your customers to get in trouble over a mistake you’ve made with copyright. Vector graphics are images created in applications like Adobe Illustrator or Corel draw.

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Vector graphics are scalable, and an efficient format for images which use a lower color range, like cartoon illustrations and logos. Now the cool part is if you combine vector graphics with a creative commons license is that you’ve a whole heap of legal pictures available to use for your graphic design projects.

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Perhaps you wish to design poster for work, and you’re unsure on how to assemble find legal images to use, or you need an image for use on the company web site, but are unsure where you stand with copyright.

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Mobile App Development

Veridic Technologies Pvt Ltd :- Android based mobile phones and handheld devices provide greater convenience and user experience. Android was a preferred choice by both users and developers as it gives immense scope for development. Whether you are an Android developer or willing to outsource one for your project, you must have a clear idea about your requirement and resources. Google and the Open Handset Alliance enabled this open source software to set an amazing trend with robust technology. Such factors and facts have made and Android development a lucrative business prospect. There are various reasons why you need to hire a developer for your mobile application development project.

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Android applications are largely created in open source and for that reason, it’s quite easy to download and customize it with minimal expenses. In today’s cost cutting edge, when companies prefer to choose for more affordable software’s license to reduce project development cost. There’s a big demand of Android applications and you may easily hire an Android developer for a cost efficient price. Simply hire an offshore Android development company or developer that holds sufficient experience and expertise to material your creative thinking completely. Another thing that makes and Android a preferred choice is that java is utilized to create majority of the apps.

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After the application gets ready, you can trust the quality and performance as it doesn’t consume much time in fixing up any failure issues, if occurs. Java is widely used for various mobile application development projects and once you hire a developer, be sure she or he has good mastery over the related technologies. As aforesaid, Android applications are in huge demand and it is expected to touch the sky in coming time. You can sell your application to various on-line application stores that Google has created for enabling users to buy and download applications without any hassle. Even, you can register yourself with any 3rd party application seller affiliated with Google and may sell your apps.

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App development market is the best place for all those that come up with newer and innovative ideas, hence all you should do so as an Android developer is provide an application that market is going to love. This is the thumb rule of selling an application in theses open market. Today, users prefer to use multiple programs to get better usability. You ought to make applications that may be easily integrated to other ready-to use applications available with the user. You don’t have to download any application software to run such and Android applications onto your smartphone or tablets. Hiring an Android developer can benefit you in multiple ways.

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Software has bugs. This is normal.

1 VbhEsp8UiLfR3gZ0e768EwVeridic Technologies Pvt Ltd :- Disappointment occurs when expectations don’t match reality. And our expectations for software quality are profoundly unrealistic. Thus, lots of people are continuously disappointed — even enraged — by software bugs. They shouldn’t be.

The only reliable, widely used way to ensure impeccable software quality is to write less software that does less stuff, and then spend eons honing that tiny lot. Such an approach, however, is very rarely compatible with commercial success or even programmer motivations (despite what many may claim).

How do you think the market would receive the iPhone 7, if its headline improvement was cutting 1/3 of the features to shrink the code base so it’d have fewer bugs? Yeah, I thought so. While people may get excited in concept by “stop the train, we need to fix the tracks” directives for software development, it’s not what they would buy.

Well, but then there’s the argument: Apple is so rich, can’t they just hire more developers and testers to fix all the bugs? To paraphrase Frederick Brooks: No. Software development doesn’t work like that. Throwing ever bigger teams at problems usually just makes the problems bigger still.

Bugs are an inevitable byproduct of writing software. Sure, there are all sorts of techniques and potions that promise to decrease how many of the damn critters run about, but only the comically hyperbole pretends that complete eradication is possible.

Once we accept that simple fact that software = bugs, we can progress to understand why fixing them may not even be that important a lot of the time. The absence of bugs is simply one parameter of success in software, but not even close to the most important one (with some exception for life critical systems).

Useless software can be entirely bug free, yet remain entirely useless. Useful software can be ridden with bugs, yet remain highly valuable. Or, the value of software depends far more upon the problem it solves than the quality by which it does so.

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Sometimes the dichotomy isn’t that black and white, of course. You could have two pieces of software that solve the same problem, and it’s reasonable to think that the one with fewer bugs would do better. Though even that simple statement is often laughably disproven by the market. Factors such as existing adoption, integrations, brand, and fun often trump quality as well.

Given that there are so many factors more important to the future prospects of a software package and its makers, is it really that surprising not every bug gets “drop everything, we gotta fix this” priority? Of course not. But we, as users who hit a bug, still constantly pretend that it is.

It’s really the pinnacle of myopia when we as users demand and demean software makers to fix our pet bug, just because we hit it, and just because it may have caused anything from a slight annoyance to loss of some time.

The value of a any given bug can be rated by the number of users affected times the criticality of the issue. Lots of users are losing all their data due to this bug? Okay, then, Very Damn Important! Fix it NOW! Lots of users are a little annoyed or confused by this? Probably should fix it some time soon. A few users have to spend another 30 seconds on a work around? Unlikely to get fixed any time soon!

Software organizations that stay in business triage their backlog of bugs like that. They do not drop everything to deal with any damn bug. As the economies of scale kick in, so does the magnitude of consequences from such triaging. Large software packages and organizations will have hundreds if not thousands if not TENS OF THOUSANDS of open bugs of various criticality. THIS IS NORMAL. THIS IS EXPECTED.

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This is not a call to give up on software quality, quite the contrary. This is a call to remove the highly charged emotional responses of encountering the world as it should be expected to spin. Demeaning developers, questioning their professionalism (whatever that means!), or feigning outrage at that which ails all software makes everyone, including users, worse off.

So next time you hit an annoying bug, give it five minutes before you fire off that indignant tweet. Marvel at the miracle it is that anything as complex as a modern piece of software works at all! Consider the billions of instructions our work-horse CPUs have to get just right for you to enjoy the splendors of computing. Have some sympathy for man and machine.

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