Architecture for IOS

Veridic Technologies Pvt Ltd :- Let’s get started shortly reviewing the fundamental beliefs common for the sector of IOS development. Basically, broadly known IOS is the well-recognized abbreviation taking its origins from the phrase iPhone Operating System that was created initially for the system of cellular devices produced by Apple like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and now additionally Apple TV. User interfaces created for IOS are manufactured on the foundation of direct treatment calling for multi touch gestures.

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Gestures occurring in the procedure for interaction with such kind of interface will also be various swipe, tap, pinch, and reverse pinch, what’s more, all of them have specific definitions in the circumstance of the IOS OS.

Some IOS applications even use internal accelerometers that may respond to the case of shaking or rotating the device in 3 measurements. The applications that do not keep these recommendations risk failing to submit their application to Apple environment of devices. Working over the digital products meant for use in IOS, professionals need to know IOS Human Interface Guidelines and always keep your eyes on updates and fresh recommendations.

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The guidelines set for developer’s states: As an application designer, you’ve a way to deliver a remarkable product which rises towards l.op of the App Store charts. The layer comprising variety of settings that define the appearance of the app.

It also offers the fundamental application infrastructure and support for primary technology like multitasking, touch based input, push notifications, and several high level system services. The layer with graphics, audio, and video technology which developers use to implement multi-media experiences in the apps. The technology in this level make allow building applications that look and sound excellent. Main providers are the Core Foundation frameworks, which determine the basic types that most applications use. Each screen of the application is a view which include buttons, text, menus, fields and etc.

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Controllers\/ Presenters\/ View models – control behavior of the app. Apps are based on event driven programming, controllers\/ presenters\/ view models receive, process and return events.

The building blocks of applications are objects – arrays of code structured with MVC design. Each screen of the application is a view: the data model checks the content it shows, and the control manages communication between the view and the model.

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The model view control is only one of the structure design patterns builders use while creating the application, still it’s popular in development. Xcode is Apple integrated development environment and it’s the primary tool for building IOS applications. IOS developers could work implementing both Objective-C or Swift in reality using only Xcode.

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What is a Hybrid App

Veridic Technologies Pvt Ltd :- Hybrid mobile applications are like every other applications you will find on your phone. Like the web sites on the web, hybrid mobile applications are built with a mixture of web technology like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The key distinction is that hybrid applications are hosted in the native application that uses a mobile platform’s WebView.

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Hybrid mobile applications can include native UI elements in scenarios where required, as evidenced by Basecamp’s strategy towards hybrid mobile application development. A well crafted hybrid application must not look or act any differently than its native equivalent. Trying to find out if your mobile request is hybrid vehicle or native is like trying to identify rare grape varieties of wine.

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Hybrid cellular applications are built in a comparable manner as sites. Instead of pointing a cellular browser, hybrid applications target a Web View set in a native container. Today, most hybrid mobile applications influence Apache Cordova, a platform providing you with a coherent set of JavaScript AP Is to get device capacities through plug ins, that are constructed with native code.

Program assets much like HTML, CSS, JavaScript are packaged throughout the tooling made accessible through Apache Cordova to objective platform SDKs. Once built, you’ve an application which will run like every other type of application on the device. Hybrid mobile applications give a way for programmers to re use their existing skills in web development.

Hybrid mobile application development seems appealing to a business’s important thing. Yes, it’s true that hybrid mobile request development allows programmers to target one or more platform. Developers may take benefit of third party web runtimes like Crosswalk that may be embedded in your hybrid application. Before committing to a platform approach, it is important to evaluate the technical and non-technical hybrid merits of hybrid versus options like web and native – particularly as it relates to your mobile application requirements.

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Which mobile platforms do you want to target? Do you need to distribute your request via application stores? Are you trying to utilize the features of the mobile phone? what’re the technical capabilities of your team of developers? Does the one size fits all strategy of hybrid vehicle really live up to its promise? If you wish to distribute your application via an application store, you should build a hybrid or native application.

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You can’t distribute web sites through application stores, that is what your browser’s address bar is for! Despite this limitation, whether you build a hybrid vehicle or native application, it is extremely recommended that you’ve an internet site available for your mobile application. Websites have a limited set of capabilities as opposed to hybrid and native applications.

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Sensors In Smartphones

Veridic Technologies Pvt Ltd :-Samsung recently started their newest salvo in the smartphone wars, the Galaxy S4. Temperature, pressure, and moisture are key weather station measurements.

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Currently, smart phone or tablet users can purchase outside weather stations suitable with their apparatus. There is even a selection of applications to report and assess the data. The only people purchasing exterior climate channels are a few ways far from driving down Tornado Alley calculating wind velocity and diameter of hail. Bundle these detectors into the top selling smartphone in the world which is another ballgame.

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Pair these detectors with a few powerful applications, and rather of numerous weather stations, scientific researchers might hypothetically have thousands in the year.

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The outcomes are significantly accurate traffic forecasts and path time estimates-a significant improvent on helicopter reports from the local radio station. Using an unbelievable number of smartphone information things, contractors might knock-out applications leaving in-depth heat, dampness, and strain maps and bundle them into environment applications.

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The data will be offered at any given stage in time, but perhaps more strongly, it’d be available with time.

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How To Be Creative

Veridic Technologies Pvt Ltd :- The word Collage itself evokes a feeling of artistry, for valid reason. The word, after all, is defined as using different types of materials and their installation on a surface in order to create a masterpiece tricky. In case of collage frames, it’s quite simply a type of picture frame where one can put in one or more picture. There several types of photo collage frames – some are the advanced version of the classic picture frame while others are thematic and look more striking. In almost any case, with a collage photo frame your pictures definitely become more attractive.

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Probably the most famous of those picture frames is the baby collage frame, which isn’t really surprising since most parents love to take photos of their children. A typical metal frame will have some cute bas relief sculptures of baby symbols, whilst the resin or acrylic ones will include pastel baby colours and designs.

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Another popular theme group of pictures to families, although these have a tendency to look more classical, sometimes with only the inscription Family to differentiate them. Other easy-to assemble themes include weddings or other family events, sports pictures commemorating a favoured athlete or season or holiday photos.

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A greater number of collage frames work magically as blank canvasses – and you may be creative with them. Large photo collage frames can be treated as an installation piece. Wall photo collage frames, like hinged picture frames or magnetic collage picture frames, could work as a piece of art on one’s wall. Custom poster frames, and on the other hand, can give your enlarged pictures the look of movie posters. These all come in different materials – some are made of wood, others made of metal or acrylic.

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The psychology of logo shapes – a designer’s guide

Veridic Technologies Pvt Ltd :- The logo shapes used by big brands aren’t chosen by chance – we offer a primer in the psychology involved.

Veridic Technologies Pvt LtdWhen it comes to developing a brand, logo design is king. The power of a logo to elicit an emotional response can have a resounding effect on the way customers and potential customers view a particular product, service or company. A powerful logo may look simple but there’s nothing simple about creating effective logo shapes.

Be aware that the logo shapes used to portray the most visible brands in our culture have not been chosen by chance – there are some powerful psychological forces at work. In this article we’ll take a look at how the informed use of shapes can be used to give your logo the desired resonance.

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How humans view logo shapes

 Nike Swoosh
There are few more recognisable logo shapes than Nike’s Swoosh, but what does it do?

Our subconscious minds respond in different ways to different logo shapes. Straight lines, circles, curves and jagged edges all imply different meanings and so a skilled logo designer can use shape to infer particular qualities about the brand. Think, for example, of the Nike Swoosh: the combination of curves ending in a sharp point offers a strong suggestion of movement.

Particular logo shapes send out particular messages:

  • Circles, ovals and ellipses tend to project a positive emotional message. Using a circle in a logo can suggest community, friendship, love, relationships and unity. Rings have an implication of marriage and partnership, suggesting stability and endurance. Curves on any sort tend to be viewed as feminine in nature.
  • Straight edged logo shapes such as squares and trianglessuggest stability in more practical terms and can also be used to imply balance. Straight lines and precise logo shapes also impart strength, professionalism and efficiency. However, and particularly if they are combined with colours like blue and grey, they may also appear cold and uninviting. Subverting them with off-kilter positioning or more dynamic colours can counter this problem and conjure up something more interesting.
  • It has also been suggested that triangles have a good association with power, science, religion and law. These tend to be viewed as masculine attributes, so it’s no coincidence that triangles feature more prominently in the logos of companies whose products have a masculine bias.
  • Our subconscious minds associate vertical lines with masculinity, strength and aggression, while horizontal linessuggest community, tranquillity and calm.
  • The implications of shape also extend to the typeface chosen. Jagged, angular typefaces may appear as aggressive or dynamic; on the other hand, soft, rounded letters give a youthful appeal. Curved typefaces and cursive scripts tend to appeal more to women, while strong, bold lettering has a more masculine edge.

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How to apply logo shape psychology

 three examples
Three examples of simple logo shapes

Before you start designing a logo for your client, write down a list of values and attributes that the logo should convey. (This is one of the reasons you need to get to know your client and their business as well as you possibly can.) Ask your client to compile a list of corporate values or take a close look at their mission statement.

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Once you have a feel for the message the logo needs to disseminate, you will be able to look at how to match this up with not only logo shapes, but also colours and typefaces as well. Use these three elements in combination to your advantage: for example, if you pick a strong shape but find it too masculine, then introduce a colour or colours that will tone down the male aspect.

Gestalt theory

Gestalt Theory
The World Wildlife Fund logo uses the closure principle of Gestalt theory to describe a panda, even though the shape is not fully closed

To extend your use of psychology to a deeper level, brush up on the Gestalt theories of German psychologists from the 1920s. They hold that the human brain unifies the visual elements it sees to form a whole that carries significantly more meaning. People form patterns out of similarly shaped objects, while objects that differ from the group become a focal point of the image.

Another Gestalt principle, closure, is often used in logo design; this is when an object is incomplete but there is enough detail for the human eye to make the whole picture. A good example of this is the panda logo used by the WWF, shown above.

The logo shapes you incorporate into your designs become an intrinsic element in the message they will convey to the company’s customers and the wider public. Once you understand the psychology behind logo shapes you will be able to use this knowledge to create powerful brands for your clients.

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